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Healing Ends At Age 50?

I have been spending a lot of time with elderly people these past couple of months, both Christians and non-Christians alike. I love to hear their exciting life stories which are dotted with romance, danger and intrigue. They love to give you advice and I do take to heart what they say although I don’t always agree with the advice given. I believe that God is bridging the gap between generations just as it says in Luke 1:17 (NIV) "And he will go on before the Lord, in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous—to make ready a people prepared for the Lord."

I do find it slightly frustrating that they however do not like to hear your refutes to some advice especially when it comes to matters of the spirit, money and health. Unfortunately those that have been Christians for a lengthy part of their lives are the most dogmatic in their beliefs and mindsets. They usually end their conversations with “Go read your Bible!” which I have to chuckle at because I do read my Bible and I have a different understanding of the meaning of the scriptures that we have discussed. Besides, there are more teachings coming out about the original meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words used in the Bible which show that quite a bit of teachings are not as they should be. Then there is the simple yet powerful demonstrations of living by those new revelations which can be witnessed in so many of the “new” preacher’s lives these days – look at Todd White, Dan Mohler, and Daniel Kolenda etc. There is mass evidence of fruit in their lives, they have close relationships with God, all of their needs are met and they are healthy people.

As I was driving home one morning after a get together with some elderly Christians I began to reflect on our time together when I started to feel angry – angry at the devil and angry that these mature Christians believed the lies he was telling them. Everyone at the meeting was sick, they were discussing their various ailments and the medicine they took etc. Each one accepted the fact that this is just part of life; that when you reach a certain age it is okay for you to be sick. I however believe that sickness is just a lie, it’s a lie from the enemy (who is the father of lies, he comes to steal, kill and destroy), I believe my Bible when it says that we are healed (not going to be sometime in the future or that past a certain age it doesn’t apply any more), I believe we walk in divine health and because we are not of this world as we are a new creation all effects of sickness no longer has a hold on us.

When does healing run out? Nowhere have I found a verse that says at a certain age you are no longer to remain in good health. If you believed in being healed when you were twenty why don’t you believe in being healed when you are 60, 70, 80 or even 90? I can understand hair turning gray and wrinkles appearing but when eye sights and hearings go or fractured hips are seen as the norm then I have a problem because that is sickness and God says that Jesus died for my sicknesses and diseases. John G Lake started to go blind in his 60’s, he cried out to God and said that he should not be going blind because all sickness is from the enemy and the very next day his eye sight was restored. I love watching Kathryn Kuhlman meetings – most of the people healed in her meetings were the elderly! I’m reading tons of books on healings and evangelism and there are so many accounts of elderly people being totally healed and never living another day in pain or sickness again.

I am not asking the elderly to unlearn what they have been taught, I am simply asking that they too renew their minds and their beliefs and believe the Bible when it clearly states that once you have accepted Jesus, not only have you received eternal life with the father and annihilation of sins but complete body and soul healing as well. I would love to see more elderly people stand on the Word and be an example to the younger generation as I’m witnessing more and more of the youth not looking up to the elderly or seeing them as valuable mentors simply because they don’t live by what they preach and because they dismiss the youth’s enthusiasm and faith to believe the written Word. I implore you to listen to the youth for they too hear from the Lord and to the youth I want you to remember 1 Tim 4:11-12 (KJV)  “Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”

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Who Are You Writing For?

“Can you believe it?!” I screeched at my husband, “I didn’t even get a mention! Not even a thank you!” anger rang through my voice but hurt was etched across my face as I shook a book in front of him. I was holding the published work of a client’s book that I had spent many hours over a few months editing/rewriting pro bono as they couldn’t afford my services but I really believed in the message of the book and felt led by the Holy Spirit to help them out. I had just read the acknowledgement section which had listed everyone from family members to the illustrators and cover designers, listing their websites and contact details but there was no mention of my name or a thank you for my help anywhere on the page. My husband just looked at me matter of factly and asked, “Who are you writing for?” I stared blankly back at him, what did he mean who was I writing for? Again he asked the question and then the light bulb switched on – “For God.” I sighed. I didn’t mention the book or incident again.

Fast forward a few months - I was eagerly awaiting an email reply with a critique to a manuscript I had sent in, I was so proud of this piece of work, as a writer I am my harshest critic but this one I was actually satisfied with, I had first sent it to my critique group and they all loved it, I made a few edits according to their suggestions and then sent it off to Rate My Story. Not once did I have a nagging feeling that I should dissect and re-write it a million times (isn’t this what most writers do with their work?). The email finally popped up but WHAM it was like a whack in the face; “We suggest you tear this up and partake in some studies of your craft before you write another story again!”

“This has to be some sort of cruel joke.” I thought to myself. I’ve been writing professionally for seven years and some of the books I’ve ghostwritten have been number one bestsellers on Amazon within the Christian market and now I’m being told that I’ve got no talent! I’ve received rejection letters before – it comes with the territory but this time I burst into tears, again I ran to my husband, he listened sympathetically but when I told him I was quitting, that I had had enough he asked; “Who are you writing for?” I knew the answer first up this time, “God!” I sighed again. I sat quietly and asked God what He thought of my work, there was no denying His presence and I sensed His face smiling down on me.

I didn’t tear the work up and I didn’t quit writing, I went straight back to the keyboard and started on a new piece of work. As writers we are often told to write for the reader; publishers have specific requirements which pertain to their readers buying habits but through experience I have noticed that if you write from your heart and dedicate your work to the Lord there will always be readers who will genuinely praise your work for speaking into their lives. There will be sales but even better than that you will experience the satisfaction of the Lord’s smile upon you. He has gifted you with penmanship, He will guide your work and His praise is far more worthy than anything received here on Earth. Be encouraged to follow your dream and write for God!

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